Michael Jackson’s Son Looks To Be In Entertainment

Pop icon Michael Jackson has left behind an entertainment legacy in the person of his son, Prince who has recently stated that he desires to follow in his father’s footsteps. Wanting to gain work experience on the big and small screen, the young Jackson looks to being a director someday.

Prince’s past experience has been as a reporter on TV’s popular “Entertainment Tonight,” and he has also appeared on “90210.” Stating he liked working in TV and saw the time he put in as valuable, Prince desires to learn all he can so he might have a solid career in entertainment.

With a mature attitude, Jackson said he doesn’t expect his famous name to be to automatically open doors for him. He also fondly remembers his father filming the movie scenes they would write and tape at home and then enjoy watching.

To further help his acting career, Prince is training in the martial arts–Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu and also boxing. The training is helpful in feeling just like an everyday kid rather than the son of a big celebrity.

The young Jackson remembers his dad with great affection, noting the superstar’s love of the city of London and of how hard the fifth anniversary of his death was for him and the rest of the family, especially for his sister. He wants to make sure he and his siblings preserve Michael Jackson’s memory.

Michael Jackson Impersonator Rocks Baltimore

One man is trying to help the city and residents of Baltimore to recover from last week’s horrific and destructive rioting the only way he knows how. Dimitri Reeves is a Michael Jackson impersonator and his hope is that Jackson’s timeless music will bring some comfort to the hard hit residents of the city.

The riots are in response to the accidental death of Freddie Gray, 25 years old. Gray died recently while in the custody of police, from complications caused by a spinal cord injury.

Residents and visitors alike enjoyed the spectacle of Reeves, a well known impersonator, not only singing some of Jackson’s most famous hits, but also performing some fancy footwork on trucks, and even moonwalking across busy streets. Not surprisingly, Reeves’ renditions of classics such as ‘Smooth Criminal’ and ‘Beat It’ had the effect of making many in the crowd want to join in and dance; others simply looked on in amusement. However, it is true to say that all those watching the Michael Jackson impersonator were brought together at that moment by the power of music, and of course by a shared sorrow and a shared sense of frustration and anger.

Epic Release The Latest Michael Jackson Album

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s hard to believe almost five years have passed since Michael Jackson died. He passed away after a heart attack resulting from complications of a drug overdose. However, his fans have kept his memory alive via his music and videos. But, progress has been made, it looks like some new Michael Jackson material is about to be released.

On May 13 Epic Records announced that a new album filled with complete Michael Jackson tracks was to be released. The King of Pops latest release is titled Xscape and talented artists such as Timberland have tweaked the tracks to make them compatible with the latest music scene.

Reid stated that Michael Jackson had been working on numerous pieces of music before his death and producers were keen to create a new album. Epic has used Jackson’s music in conjunction with their vision to create the latest musical offering.

Those who have close ties to Michael Jackson approved the latest album. However, a title track intended for the 2001 album “Invincible” was removed. Epic Records are planning to bring out a deluxe edition which includes the original forms of all songs before edited by Timberland. The co-executors of the Michael Jackson estate said Michael would have wanted to remain current and relevant.

Are you one of the many who believe Michael Jackson is the Archangel Michael?

I believe Michael Jackson is the Archangel Michael and so do
many of the people I know.

Best reply by Charles Davis:

interesting point. thriller was pretty godly.

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Are you one of the many who believe Michael Jackson is the Archangel Michael?

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Who would you have liked to see Michael Jackson do a duet with?

We, as Michael Jackson fans, all know the offer Prince let down; but don’t you feel it would’ve been awesome if they had done a duet? (You can disagree if you’d like.) I had also hoped he and Jack White (of The White Stripes) would have worked together.
I recall Michael Jackson wanting to sue Eminem for making fun of the fact that he (Michael) burnt his scalp while shooting a Pepsi commercial.
Michael did do a duet with a family member… It was with his sister, Janet.

Best reply by Sami:


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Who would you have liked to see Michael Jackson do a duet with?

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why do people say wwe is more bigger and better than michael Jackson?

michael Jackson was a big international icon legend. humanitarian.

he was one of the most famous people on earth.

Best reply by goldenarm1:

Michael Jackson was born to sing and dance,he was the greatest at it.He was also born to become the biggest and greatest star ever,he accomplished it.

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why do people say wwe is more bigger and better than michael Jackson?

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Any good Michael Jackson websites that will help me for my history report?

I’m doing a school project about Michael Jackson
I need good websites on him that include what he did good for the world and how he made history : )

Best reply by Anonymous In Las vegas:

He was a pedophile That Got away with it!

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Any good Michael Jackson websites that will help me for my history report?

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