Where to Buy Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” Vinyl Album

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Relive the music of a legend with Michael Jackson’s iconic album, “This Is It” on classic vinyl. Enjoy listening to every classic beat and feel the nostalgia as you hear all your favorites on this soundtrack of timeless classics. Shop now and let the music take you back in time!

This is It!

Find a Record Store.

If you’re looking for the perfect vinyl edition of Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”, you might want to visit your local record store. The experienced staff can guide you to find the perfect version that fits your needs. You’ll get great advice and a quality product at reasonable prices! Don’t forget – shopping vinyls at a local store supports your community, as well as helping to preserve music history.

Check Local Flea Markets or Music and Vinyl Fairs.

If you’re looking for a more unique or rare version of Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” vinyl edition, it might be worth checking out local flea markets and vinyl music fairs. This can be a great place to find hidden gems at bargain prices – if you’re lucky. Often vendors at these events specialize in buying and selling classic collectible albums, so they may have the perfect item you are looking for!

Shop Online at Official or Specialized Stores.

The easiest way to buy the classic “This Is It” vinyl is to shop online at major retailers like Amazon or specialty stores such as Vinyl Rockers. Not only will you be able to find a variety of versions and vinyl sizes, but you can also access detailed images of the item for better evaluation before purchasing. Plus, many stores offer free shipping and/or return options if necessary.

Search on Auction Sites or Marketplace Platforms Such as eBay, Discogs, and ReverbLP for Rare Records.

For those looking for something a bit more rare, shopping online at auction sites and marketplace platforms such as eBay, Discogs, and ReverbLP can be a great option. Not only can you save money since some of the prices might be lower than regular retailers, but you can also find listings with unreleased vinyls such as one-offs or bootleg pressings. Of course, due diligence is required before buying, especially if it’s something considered limited edition or out of print.

Select the Vinyl Copy of “This Is It” You Desire and Buy It.

Once you’ve identified the version of “This Is It” vinyl you want to purchase, it’s time to start the buying process. Before finalizing your purchase, make sure to read the description thoroughly and confirm the condition of the record with pictures. Furthermore, taking a deeper look at reviews and ratings can give you an idea of how trustworthy the seller is. And if you have any doubts or questions, communicating directly with them should help answer any concerns.


Michael Jackson Impersonator Rocks Baltimore

One man is trying to help the city and residents of Baltimore to recover from last week’s horrific and destructive rioting the only way he knows how. Dimitri Reeves is a Michael Jackson impersonator and his hope is that Jackson’s timeless music will bring some comfort to the hard hit residents of the city.

The riots are in response to the accidental death of Freddie Gray, 25 years old. Gray died recently while in the custody of police, from complications caused by a spinal cord injury.

Residents and visitors alike enjoyed the spectacle of Reeves, a well known impersonator, not only singing some of Jackson’s most famous hits, but also performing some fancy footwork on trucks, and even moon-walking across busy streets. Not surprisingly, Reeves’ renditions of classics such as ‘Smooth Criminal’ and ‘Beat It’ had the effect of making many in the crowd want to join in and dance; others simply looked on in amusement. However, it is true to say that all those watching the Michael Jackson impersonator were brought together at that moment by the power of music, and of course by a shared sorrow and a shared sense of frustration and anger.


Michael Jackson Remembered Still

King of Pop (album)
King of Pop (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The legendary pop icon Michael Jackson may have passed on, but his legacy remains alive and well. It was on August 29, 2014 that the King of Pop would’ve been 56 years old. For many that marks another turning point in the history of the icon. The star is not forgotten as his music and legacy continue to proliferate pop culture, including a new ad that features on of his most recent works being played within the realms of a “jeep” car commercial.

Michael’s Children Get Together

The children of the legendary singer recently got together for the first time in what may have been a very long time. Since the tragic death of the singer, his children have been at separate locations with each one doing their own thing as a result of several different issues. Paris, Blanket, and Prince, all took the death tough and it was Paris that attempted suicide at one point. The healing process continues over time, and she has spent the past year at a specialized school in Utah to help with the process. Despite the trouble, the children got together to celebrate their father’s legacy and life with a trip to Indiana for a special family moment.

Fans Still Mourn

Even though Michael Jackson is gone, his legendary status continues to build with memorabilia, music, and rereleases of his work. More so than ever before, collectors are looking to purchase and get a hold of all the pieces that make up the singer’s archives, and more. With such a rich tradition in music, you’ll find that fans aren’t ready to let go of the memory or impact that Jackson had on the world. His music lives on, despite a troubled past, and many naysayers that weren’t sure if he would ever make a comeback. His fans, children, family, and friends still remember the King of Pop, who would’ve been 56 this year. In recent months the Jackson family have been quiet, which is a sign of healing, no doubt.



Michael Jackson’s Son Prince

Michael Jackson’s son Prince said he wants to build a career in show business. During an interview Prince said it is his goal to follow the same career path as his father. Prince wants to get more experience in TV and the movies to build his career path. Michael Jackson’s son has stated his ultimate goal is to be a director. Prince does understand that they path to being a director involves understanding actors and their profession.

English: Cropped from :File:Michael Jackson St...
English: Cropped from :File:Michael Jackson Star on Hollywood Blvd.jpg Category:Michael Jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prince has worked at “Entertainment Tonight“, as a television correspondent. In the past he also made an appearance on “90210”. Prince enjoyed working in television. He said the experience a valuable tool on the road to becoming a director. Prince hopes that the experience on television is the first step in a long career in the show business industry. Prince stated that he really wants to learn the craft. He doesn’t expect to walk into roles because of his name. Michael Jackson always encouraged his children to be creative. Michael Jackson would have his children write movie sketches and then act out the scenes. The children said they would film the scenes and then watch them together as a family.

Prince remains physically fit to enhance his skill as an actor. He said that he is training in Muay Thai, boxing and Jiu-Jitsu. Participating in marshal arts allows Prince to be an average, normal child.

Michael Jackson loved London. He wanted to raise his children in London.Prince has very dear memories of his father. The teen and his siblings split eight million dollars per year. Prince stated that the fifth anniversary of his death was a difficult time for he and his siblings. His sister has had a very difficult time coping with the loss of her father. The overall goad of Prince and his siblings is to keep the memory of his father alive.


Epic Release The Latest Michael Jackson Album

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s hard to believe almost five years have passed since Michael Jackson died. He passed away after a heart attack resulting from complications of a drug overdose. However, his fans have kept his memory alive via his music and videos. But, progress has been made, it looks like some new Michael Jackson material is about to be released.

On May 13 Epic Records announced that a new album filled with complete Michael Jackson tracks was to be released. The King of Pops latest release is titled Xscape and talented artists such as Timberland have tweaked the tracks to make them compatible with the latest music scene.

Reid stated that Michael Jackson had been working on numerous pieces of music before his death and producers were keen to create a new album. Epic has used Jackson’s music in conjunction with their vision to create the latest musical offering.

Those who have close ties to Michael Jackson approved the latest album. However, a title track intended for the 2001 album “Invincible” was removed. Epic Records are planning to bring out a deluxe edition which includes the original forms of all songs before edited by Timberland. The co-executors of the Michael Jackson estate said Michael would have wanted to remain current and relevant.

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