Michael Jackson Remembered Still

King of Pop (album)
King of Pop (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The legendary pop icon Michael Jackson may have passed on, but his legacy remains alive and well. It was on August 29, 2014 that the King of Pop would’ve been 56 years old. For many that marks another turning point in the history of the icon. The star is not forgotten as his music and legacy continue to proliferate pop culture, including a new ad that features on of his most recent works being played within the realms of a “jeep” car commercial.

Michael’s Children Get Together

The children of the legendary singer recently got together for the first time in what may have been a very long time. Since the tragic death of the singer, his children have been at separate locations with each one doing their own thing as a result of several different issues. Paris, Blanket, and Prince, all took the death tough and it was Paris that attempted suicide at one point. The healing process continues over time, and she has spent the past year at a specialized school in Utah to help with the process. Despite the trouble, the children got together to celebrate their father’s legacy and life with a trip to Indiana for a special family moment.

Fans Still Mourn

Even though Michael Jackson is gone, his legendary status continues to build with memorabilia, music, and rereleases of his work. More so than ever before, collectors are looking to purchase and get a hold of all the pieces that make up the singer’s archives, and more. With such a rich tradition in music, you’ll find that fans aren’t ready to let go of the memory or impact that Jackson had on the world. His music lives on, despite a troubled past, and many naysayers that weren’t sure if he would ever make a comeback. His fans, children, family, and friends still remember the King of Pop, who would’ve been 56 this year. In recent months the Jackson family have been quiet, which is a sign of healing, no doubt.


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