Epic Release The Latest Michael Jackson Album

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s hard to believe almost five years have passed since Michael Jackson died. He passed away after a heart attack resulting from complications of a drug overdose. However, his fans have kept his memory alive via his music and videos. But, progress has been made, it looks like some new Michael Jackson material is about to be released.

On May 13 Epic Records announced that a new album filled with complete Michael Jackson tracks was to be released. The King of Pops latest release is titled Xscape and talented artists such as Timberland have tweaked the tracks to make them compatible with the latest music scene.

Reid stated that Michael Jackson had been working on numerous pieces of music before his death and producers were keen to create a new album. Epic has used Jackson’s music in conjunction with their vision to create the latest musical offering.

Those who have close ties to Michael Jackson approved the latest album. However, a title track intended for the 2001 album “Invincible” was removed. Epic Records are planning to bring out a deluxe edition which includes the original forms of all songs before edited by Timberland. The co-executors of the Michael Jackson estate said Michael would have wanted to remain current and relevant.

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