Michael Jackson’s Son Prince

Michael Jackson’s son Prince said he wants to build a career in show business. During an interview Prince said it is his goal to follow the same career path as his father. Prince wants to get more experience in TV and the movies to build his career path. Michael Jackson’s son has stated his ultimate goal is to be a director. Prince does understand that they path to being a director involves understanding actors and their profession.

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Prince has worked at “Entertainment Tonight“, as a television correspondent. In the past he also made an appearance on “90210”. Prince enjoyed working in television. He said the experience a valuable tool on the road to becoming a director. Prince hopes that the experience on television is the first step in a long career in the show business industry. Prince stated that he really wants to learn the craft. He doesn’t expect to walk into roles because of his name. Michael Jackson always encouraged his children to be creative. Michael Jackson would have his children write movie sketches and then act out the scenes. The children said they would film the scenes and then watch them together as a family.

Prince remains physically fit to enhance his skill as an actor. He said that he is training in Muay Thai, boxing and Jiu-Jitsu. Participating in marshal arts allows Prince to be an average, normal child.

Michael Jackson loved London. He wanted to raise his children in London.Prince has very dear memories of his father. The teen and his siblings split eight million dollars per year. Prince stated that the fifth anniversary of his death was a difficult time for he and his siblings. His sister has had a very difficult time coping with the loss of her father. The overall goad of Prince and his siblings is to keep the memory of his father alive.